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urbanization, climate change, and rice crop sustainability

As the world experiences climate change and the global population…

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drivers of land cover change

This study examines whether locationally preferential tax incentives for firms…

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china’s rapid urbanization

This research aims to improve our understanding of China’s extraordinary…

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east asia’s changing urban landscape

East-Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest urbanizing regions…

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global mapping of urbanization

Although cities cover a tiny fraction (< 1%) of the…

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We have entered the Urban Era.

Cities now form the basis of the human experience for the majority of the Earth’s population. Numerous reports have emphasized that cities today must meet the needs of growing populations and expanding economies, while at the same time minimizing their environmental impacts.  Detailed monitoring of urban land use change remains costly and challenging, and is often performed on a city-by-city basis that prevents comparative analysis of urban trajectories, land use patterns, or the efficacy of different planning and policy interventions.  Our lab group focuses on research questions oriented around the following three themes:

  1. detection and monitoring of urban expansion and land cover change (with emphasis on remote sensing methods),
  2. understanding the driving forces of differential rates and patterns of urban growth, and
  3. determining the local-regional impacts and consequences of those changes.

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