intermediate environmental remote sensing


Course overview

The objective of this course is to provide more comprehensive instruction in remote sensing, focusing primarily on the analysis and interpretation of satellite imagery to study the environment. The intent is to learn how to use these types of data to study issues related to environmental science, geography, earth sciences, forestry and resource management. This course requires successful completion of Introduction to Environmental Remote Sensing, and topics in this class will draw heavily on information learned in the first semester of the two-course sequence.

Course details

Lectures and labs will continue to focus on the four topic areas covered in the previous semester, as well as add a fifth to the milieu. This course will pursue methods and applications more fully, while physical properties and data/sensors will be taught periodically throughout the semester. In terms of data, The recent launch of several high resolution satellites and the advent of readily available data sources make this a very dynamic and exciting period for remote sensing. The fifth topic will be the basic statistics of remote sensing, since understanding and applying advanced image processing methods requires knowledge of the mathematical nuts and bolts needed to do so.

As stated, methods will be a substantial portion of the course, specifically, how to analyze images to derive the desired information. Much of this information will be taught and discussed in the lab sections, devoted primarily to learning how to use image processing software to analyze satellite images.

The motivation for learning these methods is the wide range of applications, or how remote measurements can be used for management of land and water resources. Applications will be discussed nearly every day in some context, but several days will be devoted to specific examples discussed in detail.

Course number: Env St 372

Instructor: Annemarie Schneider
Credit hours: 3
Offered: last offered spring 2015

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